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טכנולוגיה פורצת דרך בתחום הרפואה האסתטית



פלטפורמת לייזר המתקדמת ביותר לטיפול בנגעי עור כלי דם והסרת שיער מערכת רב-תכליתית למגוון יישומים רפואיים ואסתטיים העושה את הכל

הדרך הפשוטה והמשתלמת ליישום מגוון רחב של פרוצדורות קוסמטיות ואסתטיות עם פחות סיכונים ותוצאות מעולות דרגת יעילות ובטיחות הגבוהה ביותר שקיימת היום


אולטרסאונד ממוקד בעצימות גבוהה דיוק כירורגי בשיטה לא פולשנית עם תוצאות קליניות מפתיעות

עיצוב וטכנולוגיה העושים את ההבדל




התקדמות טכנולוגית במטרה לשכלל את המושלם


מערכת מודולריות העומדת בקדמת הטכנולוגיה משלבת חמש טכנולוגיות שונות ביחידה קומפקטית אחת סינרגיה עוצמתית המסוגלת לשפר בצורה דרסטית את מרבית

הפגמים בפנים ובגוף


Skin Biostimulation and Biorevitalisation

סינרגיה של שלוש טכנולוגיות לטיפול בפגמי העור ללא התערבות כירורגית



Hyperhidrosis therapy, non-surgical face lift and
reduction of fat accumulations.

ההליך הרפואי המשתמש באולטרסאונד ממוקד בעוצמה גבוהה עם שיטת יישום חדשנית

הבסיס המדעי שממנו מקורו של מכשיר ה-CFU Èlife הוא טכנולוגיית HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) המיושמת כבר שנים לטיפול בגידולים, העושה שימוש באנרגיה התרמית שנוצרת במרחק מוקד מדויק על ידי מתמר גלי אולטרסאונד.

COAXMED by Biotec Italia srl

COAXMED by Biotec Italia srl

CoaxMed is a multifunctional platform providing effective treatment of wrinkles, facial and body skin laxity, acne and enlarged pores, localised fat and cellulite, both oedematous and fibro-sclerotic, and it is also extremely effective in treatments before and after liposuction. CoaxMed uses 5 different technologies for fast and effective treatment of face and body imperfections: monopolar radiofrequency, bipolar radiofrequency, low frequency cavitational ultrasound and LipoShock sub-dermal vacuum massage. The two systems of Monopolar Radiofrequency and Bipolar Radiofrequency act by increasing the temperature in the dermis thanks to the so called Joule effect. When the tissue is heated above 60-65°C the collagen fibre immediately contracts, generating a lifting effect for face and body. Over the long term new fibres are produced and microcirculation is improved, therefore leading to a filler effect for face and body and to an improvement of the unattractive signs of cellulite. The association of Monopolar Radiofrequency and pulsating Vacuum massage is particularly effective in treating both oedematous and fibro-sclerotic cellulite, as all the above effects are associated with a potent draining action that is given by the sub-dermal massage. Low frequency Cavitational Ultrasound (28 KHz) produces vapour bubbles in the interstitial tissue, which implode and release sufficient energy to break down the plasmatic membrane of the hypertrophic fat cells. Therefore this technology is amazingly effective in reducing the thickness of the fat tissue in the treated area in a totally safe manner. A special handpiece then simultaneously generates Monopolar Radiofrequency and Cavitational Ultrasound, a synergic strategy to treat fat and cellulite and at the same time drastically improving the tissue texture with visibly satisfactory results in half the normal time. During the LipoShock procedure, a sophisticated applicator is applied to the area being treated by means of a combined suction system. The exposure of the tissue to a sequence of high (60°) and low (-10°) temperatures triggers off an apoptotic process in the fat cells, which leads to their natural physiological death. Immune system cells then naturally remove damaged adipocytes. This procedure considerably reduces the thickness of the fatty layer during each session.
Xlase by Biotec Italia srl

Xlase by Biotec Italia srl

X-Lase is an important breakthrough in the treatment of a variety of skin and body imperfections. The simultaneous use of a Nd:YAG laser and an innovative calibrated pulsed light system (CPL) allows to solve various problems, such as unwanted hair, skin marks, freckles, ageing skin, unsightly small veins, enlarged pores, acne, rosacea and reddened skin. Superior by design, the new CPL handpiece offers several innovative and advanced technology enhancements. Compared to other IPL systems available on the market, the X-Lase system has been proven to be one of the most powerful. The CPL handpiece is efficient and simple to use, the operator has easy access to the controls and all the user information is clearly displayed on the colour screen, including the energy level, the pulse duration, etc. The Nd:YAG laser provides fast and effective hair removal treatment even on dark skins. The calibrated laser beam ensures the light to penetrate into the deepest follicles, while its slow absorption guarantees the preservation of the surrounding tissues in all skin types. Different spot spacers allow effective treatment even for the toughest hair, excellent results on treating vascular problems and skin blemishes. X-Lase technologies are very fast and effective. A complete leg epilation requires 60 minutes at the most. Capillary vein removal lasts between a few minutes up to half an hour, depending on the extent of the area being treated. The number of treatments is determined according to the patient’s age and the seriousness of the condition being treated. Just one session to eliminate small blemishes or cherry angiomas, to a minimum of 6 sessions for epilation. The results can be seen right after the first session.
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